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Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taiwan's high-speed rail, which Japan often calls "Taiwan Shinkansen", is Taiwan's high-speed rail system, which runs through the most densely populated western region of Taiwan, with a total length of 349.5 kilometers. After opening to traffic on January 5, 2007, it gradually became one of the important long-distance transportation vehicles in western Taiwan, and it was also an indicator of Taiwan's rail industry. There are currently 130 to 162 shifts per day between the North and the South.


Internet booking can start at 0:00 on the 28th day of the ride (inclusive) and 1 hour before the start of the ride. In addition to online booking, Taiwan has ticket offices, ticket vending machines and telephone bookings at various stations. It can also be purchased in cash at convenience stores in Taiwan with high-speed rail signs.

  • Ticket gate and customs clearance As long as the passenger sees the green arrow indicator on the gate, it indicates a passable passage, and the red fork represents impassable passage. According to the graphic slogan on the gate, insert the magnetic ticket, the sensory ticket certificate, the two-dimensional barcode of the convenience store ticket, or the regular/return ticket, the leisure joint name card, and the one-card joint card to complete the ticket inspection and pass the test easily.

  • pit stop The ticket must not exceed 3.5 hours during entry and exit, and the violators will be fined according to the regulations.

  • Looking for a seat The ticket for the seat is valid for the day, and the ticket for the free seat is valid for the day. Please wait early to enter the station and wait for the number of trains and seats in the ticket. If you do not take the designated train or change to the higher fare type. The fare difference will be replenished and a 50% penalty for the fare difference will be added.

  • Check in the car Tickets should be properly kept. Except for the registration of the ticket or the regular ticket, the ticket will be issued in accordance with the relevant regulations, and will not be reissued or refunded; the refund or exchange must be processed before the designated period.

Those who hold the preferential ticket should carry the identity document for inspection. If the identity is not matched or the document is not checked, the fare difference will be replenished and the fare difference of 50% will be added.

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