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Ultimate Guide To FlixBus/FlixTrain

Friends who live in Europe know that buses are currently one of the cheapest ways to travel in Europe. Flixbus is currently the largest long-distance bus company in Europe.

At present, Flixbus not only does business in popular tourist cities, but most

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Main stations

Norwegian National Railway

Norwegian National Railways (Norges Statsbaner, NSB for short). The railway system in the Nordic countries is quite perfect, coupled with the sparsely populated area, the train is the easiest and most time-saving means of transportation. You just need to sit in a cha

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Japan Railway

For an island country like Japan that does not occupy a large area, the railway system is quite developed, and the operating tools connecting major cities basically rely on railways. Japanese railways are known for their punctuality and high safety.

Railway Company

The enti

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Ultimate Guide to German Railways

For those who love to travel, the quality and service of German Railways (Deutsche Bahn AG or German Railway abbreviated as DB) are world-class, with free entry and exit without ticket gates, ICE high-speed trains with a speed of nearly 300 kilometers per hour, a

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Ultimate Guide to Russian Railways

Siberian train (Trans Siberia / Транссибирская магистраль, Транссиб)

Before you start using Russian trains, I hope you close your eyes and imagine:

You have been on the train for ten hours, but there are twelve hours to go. You have not boarded the train fo

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Ultimate Guide to Taiwan Railway

Most of the attractions in Taiwan can be reached by train to the railway station adjacent to the attraction, and then transferred to the bus. In addition, some scenic spots are near the railway station, which is very convenient.

If you are in Taipei, you can take

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Ultimate Guide to Sweden Railway

Sweden is the fifth largest European country in Europe and the largest country in Northern Europe. The territory of Sweden is long from north to south. If you start from the southernmost point of Sweden and travel south as long as the territory of Sweden, you will

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