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Nagoya Station is located in the Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is shared by the Tokai Railway (JR Tokai), the Japan Cargo Railway (JR Cargo), the Nagoya Rinkai Expressway, and the Nagoya City Transportation Bureau (Nagoya City Subway). Railway station. Nagoya Station has the "JR Central Tower", the tallest station building in the world. Its white twin towers are the key features of Nagoya Station. Nagoya Station is the central station and important transportation hub of the Japanese city of Nagoya. The Nagoya Station is the main station for parking in every shift of the Tokaido Shinkansen. In 1999, it was completed in JR Tokai Building (JRセントラルタワーズ), and it was ranked 245 meters tall as the "the largest station building in the world" and was included in the King's World Record. In addition to the JR Nagoya Station, the Nagoya Rinkai Expressway (Qingbo Line) and the Nagoya City Subway are all equipped with stations, and the Nagoya Railway Station of Nagoya Railway, and the Kinki Nippon Railway near Kinki It is the largest transportation station in the central part of Japan. Station structure * The existing on-line and Shinkansen lines are elevated platforms. The platform was elevated in 1937 (Showa 12). * The Tokaido Shinkansen is located on the 2nd and 4th line island platforms on the west side of the structure. The outer lines 14 and 17 are the lines, and the inner lines 15 and 16 are the copy lines. Most of "Hope" and "Light" are parked on Lines 14 and 17. * As for the central Shinkansen platform under construction, it is located at the bottom of the ground and is interlaced with the current platform. As of March 2019, the continuous wall project below the existing platform has been completed 90%. * The island is a 6-story, 12-line island platform. Line 9 is the center line without a platform. The Tokaido Line is Lines 2 and 6, the Central Line is Lines 7 and 8, and the Kansai Line is Lines 11 and 12. * You can use TOICA from JR Tokai, Suica from JR East Japan, and ICOCA from JR West Japan.

Nagoya City Subway * The platform of the Sakura-dori line extends east and west of the JR Nagoya Station. A 2-line island-style platform with a movable platform door. The length of the platform is 20 meters, and the number of cars can be up to 8 vehicles, but the number of actually operating cars is only 5. * The Dongshan Line platform is a 2-line island-shaped platform extending north-south from the north side of the famous underground street on the east side of the station. * Sakura-Tong Line and Higashiyama Line can be transferred via the liaison channel.

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