Train Type: Regional-Express(Regional-Express)

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Regional Express, referred to as RE. In Germany, the regional express train is operated by the German regional railway company (a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn). In most federal states, regional express lines are clearly defined in the hourly or two-hour frame schedule, which is usually named by each federal state. The type of train and the abbreviations of the destination part (train type and number of trains) will be displayed on the train. Due to the long operating range of the regional express train, passengers prefer to use weekend tickets or state tickets. On some major routes, it operates only slightly slower than long-haul trains, or even no slower than long-haul trains. The regional express trains operate at an average speed of 70 to 90 km/h and operate mainly with modern two-layer power centralized trains or single-layer electric trains.

1st Class

Facilities in the coach
  • You can buy food and drinks
  • Access to VIP lounges of main stations
  • Priority boarding without queueing
  • Slient area available
  • Private cabin for families and meetings available.

2nd Class

Facilities in the coach
  • You can buy food and drinks