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For those who love to travel, the quality and service of the German Railways (Deutshe Bahn AG or German Rail. DB) is world-class. There is no free entry and exit of the ticket gates, ICE high-speed trains with a speed of nearly 300 kilometers per hour, and dense Germany's iron road network and precise on-time shifts, want to enjoy the travel on the train to wear the state of the province, Germany can be said to be the best choice.

The company's founding documents were established in Berlin on January 1, 1994. The number of trains operating daily in Germany is approximately 37,000. Most of the trains are operated by 24 railway companies under the German Railways. Deutsche Bahn also has the world's third dense rail network after the Swiss Federal Railways and the JR Group of Japan. As of September 2012, the on-time rate of German railway passenger trains reached 94.4%.

The most famous railways in the railway transportation industry are the German railway long-distance transportation and the German railway transportation, as well as the German railway railway. The German Railway Network is a railway infrastructure company with the largest railway network in Germany.


Most of the German railway trains do not need to be booked (but the night trains must be booked), and the German railways are densely packed, so if you have a German train pass, you really want to sit down. However, if you encounter a trade show or a carnival, it is best to book a safer first. For example, the trains that go to Munich during the Oktoberfest during the Oktoberfest are not the first-class cars, and even the second-class cars have limited seats.

Whether you use the official website of the German Railways, the ticket vending machine, or the counter window, you can book your ticket when you purchase it. If you already have a German train pass, you can choose "Reserve a seat only" on the official website to choose the option to not buy tickets. At the beginning of the ticket vending machine, you can go from the lower left corner to the block only. The function of booking a ticket is not available.

 The booking fee is € 4.5 per seat, which is not included in the German train pass, so even if you hold a pass, you will have to pay the extra amount when you book. After the reservation is successful, the electronic display board above the seat or outside the box door will light up the name of the station. Other people who do not have reservations or different itineraries will not be able to sit down in this seat.


Find the right station

 There are more than one train station in many big cities in Germany, and sometimes even the central station is not the only gate of the city. For example, there are two main train stations in Kassel. The trains go to different destinations and must be confirmed when buying tickets.

View timetable

Whether you need to buy tickets on the spot or enter the train station, the timetable is the main goal you are looking for. There is an electronic timetable in the hall of each train station, which shows the trains that will be pitted and departed. The most important thing is to see the train station number of the train.  On the platform, there are also yellow train departure timetables and white train arrival timetables. The timetable has all the stops and departure times of fixed travel times.  For the sake of insurance, it is best to go to the ticket vending machine on the platform, click on the block in the lower left corner of the touch screen, enter the name of the station, date and time, various settings, and click on the details of the shift, press You can print out the ride message for free by pressing the Print connections button. For those who need to transfer, this printed train information will be very convenient for changing the station name, platform, vehicle type, time and precautions. Even if the train time has been checked in the country beforehand, it is necessary to confirm the time of the train before the ride, so as to avoid the train changing.

Find the platform and confirm the train and carriage

There is an electronic signboard in front of each platform - the above shows the departure time and destination of the trains on both sides of the platform. Please confirm again before entering the platform. All the information is correct, just wait for the train to stop. On the platform bulletin board, the corresponding position of the carriages of the different types of trains on the platform will be affixed. According to the level of the car purchased by yourself, wait until the corresponding boarding area, so that the train will not be rushed after entering the station. run.

 On the body of the train and the door connecting the cars, there will be 1 and 2 signs indicating that the car is first class or normal. If you buy first class, you can choose to sit in the car at all levels, but if you buy a normal car. Tickets, you should be careful not to sit in the first class seat.

 In addition to the car class, there are other signs on the car door, indicating the properties of the car, such as smoking, soft, mobile phone, or disabled seats, you can choose the car to ride according to your needs, please also Remember to follow the rules in the car.

 Do you need to take a ticket at the ticket machine before boarding the train? In Germany, there is no need to vote for trains using most of the tickets. The so-called "ticketing" is to print the date and time of activation on the ticket. However, the German transportation system is complicated. In the end, whether or not to vote is always plagued by many people. Here are some references. The purpose of the ticket is to make a clear definition of the validity period of this ticket, because the German transportation system There is no ticket gate, and any person can enter the platform freely. If there is no ticketing system, even if you use a ticket for several days, the ticket inspector will not know, so you should put time before using it. The validity period is judged based on the following: S-Bahn, U-Bahn, streetcars and other means of transportation, the frequency is very dense. After buying the ticket, there is no limit on which bus to take, as long as it has not been taken, no matter how long. This ticket is available, so you need to define the validity period. In other words, if the date, time and frequency of the ticket itself are already marked, there is no need to vote.


 The German train's door is semi-automatic. If the train stops at the rail, but the door is closed, don't think that the train has to be driven away. As long as the button light on the door is still on, you can open the door by button; After the train is stopped, you can press the door button. Some old-style trains can be opened with a handle on the door. German trains are very helpful for the disabled and the elderly. As long as the service button is pressed at the platform, there will be someone to help board the board or get on and off.

Looking for a seat

 The German train does not have a seat. You can sit down as long as you see the seat, but when you are on the ICE, if you see the name of the station on the electronic display above the seat, it means that there is someone booking, if you don't have a reservation. Please confirm that there is no information displayed on the display panel before sitting down. If there is no conflict between the displayed station name and your itinerary, it means that the passenger of the reservation will not get on the train after you get off the bus, so you can sit down with confidence.  There are shelves at the top of the seat for carrying carry-on baggage, and there is also a large space for large luggage at the front and rear ends of each car. However, although German law and order is good, there will still be small people who look at foreigners (especially the Orientals) to start, so it is best to keep your luggage in the line of sight, and occasionally cast your eyes, so it is not easy to become Start the target.

Check in the car

 There is no ticket gate on the German train platform. Anyone can enter and exit at will, but there will be a ticket inspector on the train. Therefore, you must never take a lucky attitude to take the overlord. If you are caught, the consequences will be very serious. Paying a high fine may also be arrested and leave a bad record. The open platform is built on the trust of the people, and it is convenient for the passengers. It is absolutely not necessary to destroy this trust because of the small amount of money. It not only damages the personality, but also loses the face of the people.

Get off at the station

 Basically, the German train is very punctual, you can judge when to get off the car according to the time indicated on the timetable. However, the German train is not a good one. Sometimes there will be a few minutes of delay. It is recommended to confirm the station name when you get off the bus. Is it the same as the station name on the ticket?

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