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FlixBus is a German long-distance bus company founded in 2013 and headquartered in Munich. Services include Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain, Belarus, Poland, Sweden, Norway and other European countries. In addition to providing bus travel, in April 2018 in Germany, the FlixTrain brand was used to provide train travel on individual routes. Flixbus has established 1,400 rides in 27 countries and provides approximately 250,000 shifts per day.

Flix Bus has two business units, line service and charter service. The line business is geared to travel individuals and small groups, providing transportation services in the form of ticket sales and fixed stations in major cities. The Flix Bus Charter service provides a point-to-point pick-up service for a large group of 8 or more travellers and accepts customized services.


Flixbus can pre-book online, mobile APP booking, and of course you can buy tickets on the spot, but the fare for buying tickets on the spot is different, and there is a good chance that there will be no location! This is to remind everyone to pay attention. It is recommended that if you can buy it first, it is better to buy it earlier! Bookings on the website and on the APP will receive a confirmation letter, printed or stored in the mobile phone, which can be regarded as a ticket.

  • Find the station

 There are apps that can directly query the site. Please be sure to confirm the Bus stop position in the app before departure and confirm the bus number and stop sign. Please remember to arrive at the station where you are getting to the bus 15 minutes earlier, as it may take time to handle the station or the class.

  • boarding After the vehicle arrives, it is enough to scan the printed ticket or APP to the driver. Remember that the printed ticket has another baggage tag and you have to tie it up. The driver did not check the size and weight of the baggage, but it may not fit too late.

  • Identification For multinational buses, please have your passport certificate checked.

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