Norwegian National Railway(Norway Norwegian State Railways)

Norway Norwegian State Railways

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Norwegian National Railway

Norwegian National Railways (Norges Statsbaner, NSB for short). The railway system in the Nordic countries is quite perfect, coupled with the sparsely populated area, the train is the easiest and most time-saving means of transportation. You just need to sit in a chair and enjoy the scenery outside the window, the red and yellow village landscape, and the leisurely pleasures of the town, the countryside and the mountains. This rare travel experience is always memorable.


Most of the Norwegian trains do not need to be booked, but for high-speed trains and night trains, reservations are required. Even long-haul trains that do not require reservations, travel seasons or special holidays, or popular routes are recommended. If you need a reservation, you can enjoy the European Union special booking price with the train pass, but the discount is limited, it is best to book early.

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