Spanish Railway(Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles)

Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles

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Spanish Railway System

The Spanish railway system is planned by the Spanish National Railways (Red Nacional de F'errocarriles Espafioles or Spanish National Railways, RENF1E). The transportation network is still intensive. Tourists can also take train tickets in the country in addition to purchasing train tickets in Spain. Through other European cities, multinational trains enter Spanish towns. The connections between the major cities can use the railway to and from the city. In addition, each region also has its own regional train to travel in the town. The only fly in the ointment is that the number of regional trains is limited, and some of the more remote towns still have to turn. Take the bus to arrive.


In addition to suburban trains and some local trains, all medium-haul trains (MD), long-distance express trains and high-speed trains must be booked in advance and paid for bookings, even for long-distance trains and popular routes without reservations. In the tourist season or festival, it is recommended to book in advance; with the train pass reservation, you can enjoy the European Union special price, but the seat is limited, it is best to book early.

Bookings should also pay attention to the pick-up point, the station staff to work hours, some things that seem to be taken for granted in Spain, but it is not feasible, so it is best to reserve some time to deal with these trivial matters. For example, the shuttle bus from Chamartin Railway Station must go to Chamartin Railway Station to book a reservation, but not at Atocha Railway Station. In addition, the ticket office at the train station on Saturday and Sunday is also on vacation, only responsible for selling the ticket for the day. , to deal with other bookings, so the reservation is recommended to avoid the holiday, so as not to run away.  


  • Find the right station

In large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, there are more than one train station, and to different destinations, it is necessary to depart from a specific station; sometimes even if the same destination, the departure station of the high-speed train and the ordinary train is different, so buy tickets. Be sure to confirm it first.

  • View timetable Whether you need to buy tickets on the spot or go to the train station, the timetable is the main goal you are looking for. There is an electronic timetable in the hall of each train station, which shows the trains that are about to enter and leave the station. It will show the type of train, departure time and destination. The most important thing is to see the train stop. The platform number.

  • Inspection of tickets and luggage  In Spain, take the Avant, AVE-class high-speed train and long-distance express night train, not only will check the ticket, check the passport, the baggage also needs to pass the X-ray test, the rigorous process is second only to the plane, so please reserve some time for the train. So as not to be too hasty to miss the shift.

  • Find the platform and confirm the train and carriage  Each platform also has an electronic billboard that shows the number of the train that will be parked, the time of departure and the destination. After entering the platform, you may wish to confirm it again. Everything is correct, just waiting for the train to stop.   Taking a train in Spain often faces a difficulty: the platform does not indicate where the number of cars will stay on the platform, and even the number of the car on the body of the train is not very clear, so even remember Knowing your car number, you can't find the proper car and you don't feel confused. It is recommended to take the train or wait a little earlier to wait for the platform. If you have any questions, please ask the station staff, and you will not accidentally miss the bus.

  • boarding  The door of the Spanish train is not automatically opened. If the door is closed, remember to press the button and the door will open.

  • Looking for a seat  The seat number in the compartment is clearly marked, and can be found by following the number of rows and numbers.

  • Check in the car  The check-in ticket for the Spanish train is quite strict. If you are purchasing a train pass, you must remember to complete the date of use before boarding the bus. Otherwise, you may be fined. If you need to book a train or make up the difference, you must also present the reservation and premium. Tickets will otherwise be fined.

  • Get off at the station  Basically, the train in Spain is very punctual, and you can judge when you should get off the bus according to the time indicated on the timetable. In addition, with the exception of a few trains, most of the train cars will have a screen showing the name and time of the station that will arrive soon, or broadcast in Spanish and English. If you pay attention, you should not sit in the station.

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