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In China, the railway is an important infrastructure and popular means of transportation for the country, and it is in a backbone position in China's comprehensive transportation system. China has a vast territory, a large population, and uneven distribution of resources. Therefore, economic and fast railways generally have a greater advantage and become a widely used mode of transportation.

Chinese railway trains are divided into general speed trains, fast train series, Harmony EMU (CRH), and "Revival" China Standard EMU (CR) series.

In recent years, the construction of ordinary railway passenger dedicated lines and high-speed railway passenger lines, the production and operation of ordinary and high-speed EMUs have largely eased the passenger pressure during peak passenger flow. As of December 2015, passenger trains throughout the region can provide daily More than 9.6 million seats. Non-holiday “one ticket is hard to find” situation no longer exists, but the situation of EMU train overcrowding will occasionally appear, especially in the peak season of passenger traffic during the Spring Festival, summer holidays, holidays (such as the 11 Golden Week). many.


Website bookings can generally start 60 days ago, but bookings do not equal successful purchases. The actual ticket sales will start about 30 days before. There is also a system for grabbing tickets.

Website booking: Starting 60 days ago, it may not be successful. Official ticket sales: 30 days before the start of the day, starting the manual ticket sales. Grab the ticket: At any time, it may not be successful. Just before the moment of getting on the bus. Sold out: Can't buy it.

The above ticketing deadline is 10 minutes before the departure, and the refund is also refundable 10 minutes before the start of the trip. However, if you really bought it in the last 10 minutes, don't buy it, don't have time to get on the bus. It is better to take the next class.

  • Find the station The naming method of China's high-speed rail stations is often based on provinces. Most of the stations, such as Guangzhou South, are nearly 40 minutes away from the Guangzhou International Airport, which is quite easy to misunderstand. Therefore, before booking a ticket, be sure to use the map to check the location of the station. Otherwise, from the perspective of other people, I thought that since it was called Guangzhou South Railway Station, it should be in Guangzhou. But in fact, it is in Panyu. In addition, for example, Guangzhou South Railway Station is a high-speed rail station. Guangzhou East is the railway station. Although the ordinary train station, occasionally it will stop at the high-speed rail. But from the perspective of transportation hubs, the two are different levels.

  • Train ticket check After the implementation of the real-name system of tickets, in addition to free rides and children with children's tickets, passengers need to purchase tickets with valid passengers' certificates, and use the tickets and the original valid documents of the passengers when purchasing tickets. The security check at the railway station is similar to the customs clearance at the airport. It is necessary to put the carry-on baggage on the roller to pass the security check and check it personally.

  • Ticket gate check-in There is an electronic screen for the idle train dynamics in the waiting room, and the ticket checking will also be displayed on the screen. There will be a broadcast to start the check-in and stop the check-in.

  • Check the ticket Chinese trains will check the tickets. On the sleeper car, the conductor will take the berth certificate and change the ticket with the passenger. Before the station, the ticket will be exchanged for the berth certificate.

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