Train schedule Firenze Rifredi(Firenze Rifredi) to Venice Mestre(Venezia Mestre)

Firenze Rifredi(Firenze Rifredi) to Venice Mestre(Venezia Mestre) by Train or Bus

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Train schedule Firenze Rifredi(Firenze Rifredi) to Venice Mestre(Venezia Mestre)

Departure 04:38:00 Arrival 09:07:00 4hour(s)29minute(s)
Departure 05:16:00 Arrival 10:00:00 4hour(s)44minute(s)
Departure 06:47:00 Arrival 10:07:00 3hour(s)20minute(s)
Departure 07:16:00 Arrival 11:07:00 3hour(s)51minute(s)
Departure 08:51:00 Arrival 11:23:00 2hour(s)32minute(s)



City Overview

The flowering capital of Florence is one of Europe's most important arts and cultural centers. The old translations of the city, the numerous museums, churches, wet frescoes, sculptures and paintings show the most dazzling treasures of the Renaissance. The masters of the time, such as Michelangelo, Donatello, Rafael and others, have left immortal works of art in this trend. As the capital of the Renaissance, Florence is elegant and elegant, and is the most artistic city in Italy.

Must Visit Attractions

Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the pride of Florence. The huge red dome left an eternal testimony to the rushing man, and the greatest artists of the time gave him energy and talent. The huge architectural complex is divided into three parts, the church itself, the baptistery and the clock tower, and is listed as a world cultural heritage.

Transportation: Take bus A14/23, 71.

Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery has assembled the three masterpieces of the Renaissance - Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and others, and is one of the most important art galleries in the world.

Transportation: Bus: Take C3 and D to Ponte Vecchio station, get off at Via dei Georgofili and turn to Lungarno degli Archibusieri, walk about 200 meters.

Lord's Square and Palazzo Vecchio

The Piazza della Signoria and the Palazzo Vecchio have been the political center of Florence since the 13th century. This Gothic building with a 94-meter tower is the representative building of the medieval city of Florence during the medieval period.

Transportation: The Municipal Plaza is in the center of the old city. Basically, cars are not allowed to walk through, so it is a walk to get there.

Art Academy Gallery Galleria dell’Accademia

The Art Institute Gallery houses Michelangelo's masterpiece David.

College of Art Address: Gallery of the Academy, Via Bettino Ricasoli, 60, 50122 Firenze can be navigated locally

Ponte Vecchio

The Old Bridge is one of the most distinctive and oldest bridges in Florence. The most famous and oldest bridge on the Arno River bears witness to the prosperity and decline of the entire city of Florence. It was built in the Middle Ages, and the baptism of the war and the invasion of the floods have always stood tall and become the only places where tourists come to Florence.

Gourmet & Accommodation & Shopping

  • ##### Gourmet

In addition to art, Florence has a lot of deep food! Tuscan steaks and red wine are also part of the Flora culture. The center of the old city is not big, there are always restaurants of all sizes, big and small!

Florence's Eataly is located on the top floor of the San Lorenzo indoor market. It is a lively restaurant and a big food store. The dining environment is lively and relaxing. There are snacks and big dishes, desserts and drinks. After eating, you can buy some specialty foods. Probably the reason for being in the market, the restaurant grade and price in this Eataly are more intimate than the Eataly in Milan.

  • ##### Accommodation

If you are considering the convenience of transportation, it is recommended to live in the vicinity of the subway station or train station, such as SPAGNA (Spain Square), TERMINI (Central Station) and BARBERINI (Barberini Square) station. Among them, TERMINI has a wide range of hotels from the B&B to the 5-star superior hotels. It is also the most concentrated area for cheap accommodation in Florence. The Chinese hotels are basically located in this area, with cheap prices and convenient transportation. This area has a market in the morning, and it is convenient to buy food.

If the budget is taken into account, the price of hotels near the Euroline bus stop is cheaper than that of the city center. The supermarkets and the necessary facilities for living are complete and the transportation is convenient. The advantage of staying here is that you can easily reach the main sights of Rome and the Vatican by bus or subway, and you can easily travel to Venice, 翡 翠 甚至 and even France, suitable for tourists with a small budget.

  • ##### Shopping

Florence is one of the famous shopping cities in Italy. In the city center, there are a lot of products that can make people pick their eyes, leather products, textiles, handicrafts, etc. It is famous for its art crafts and textiles, and it is made of glassware and ceramics. Leather based. Handicrafts such as gold and silver processing and art reproductions are also famous. In the narrow lanes, there are small shops with different sizes.

Luisa Via Roma is a world-renowned high-end fashion store with its exquisite products and excellent service. It is located in the heart of the Renaissance city of Florence, next to the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and you can do it while you are visiting.

Traffic in the city

Trains to Florence are usually docked at the Santa Maria Novella station, making it easy to transfer buses or taxis. The station is just a few blocks from the cathedral and is almost centrally located.

Some IC live RE trains rely on stations located in the suburbs. When you take a ride, you must first confirm, so as not to get the wrong station. The public transport in Florence includes buses and trams, but most of the attractions are concentrated in the central station, within 3 km of the southeast, the building is very concentrated, and it is also a very comfortable city, as long as you can reach the main attractions on foot.

Florence Card

Although this card is so expensive, although it does not necessarily provide you with the free public transport function, if you plan to sweep out the museums and sights in Florence, and avoid the long queues, Then maybe you can consider spending a lot of money on pain, buy this card, including the Uffizi Gallery, the Academy of Fine Arts, etc., all within three days of validity, no appointment, no queue at the ticket gate, long drive straight into 72 Art galleries, churches and attractions.

Venice Venice

City Overview

Venice, one of the great towns of the Renaissance, a city built on the water. It consists of 118 small islands and is connected by 177 waterways and 401 bridges. Venice is known as the “water city”, “Hundred Island City” and “Bridge City”. There is one of the most beautiful squares in the world, "St. Mark's Square", with a beautiful Grand Canal, a resurrected Phoenix Opera House, a sad bridge of sorrows by Xu Zhimo, a breathtaking cloister, here is a Venetian painting. The birthplace of the party is still the location of many movie clips.

Due to the numerous river courses, the whole of Venice is car-free, replaced by a unique water bus and the traditional transport tool Gondola.

Must Visit Attractions

St. Mark's Square Piazza San Marco

St. Mark's Square is the central square of Venice, Italy. In Venice, St. Mark's Square is the only square known as “Piazza”, and the other squares are called “Campi”. St. Mark's Square is unique in the squares of European cities. It is located in the heart of the city, but it is not as noisy as other squares, thanks to the tranquil waterways of Venice. As a landmark in Venice, St. Mark's Square is particularly popular with tourists, photographers and pigeons. In the 19th century, the French emperor Napoleon once praised it as "the most beautiful living room in Europe."

Transportation: Walk along the Piazza San Marco sign and take the water bus to Piazza San Marco/San Zaccaria/Vallaresso.

Venice Grand Canal

Venice's Grand Canal is a must-see for tourists. It is also a landmark of Venice. There are many boats on the canal. The black and beautiful boats, which are made by uniformed boatmen, are the sights that many tourists like to take. ferry.

Colored Island Burano

Burano Island, also known as the Color Island, is about 7 km from Venice. It is famous for its lace textiles and colorful houses on the island. It is regarded as one of the “most colorful places in the world” by many international magazines in the world. It is a paradise for color and a breeding ground for artists Baldassarre Galuppi and Remigio Barbaro. Here, the traveler can see the reflection of the colored houses in the surrounding river. It is recommended to watch the sunset on the island in the evening, and the sunset over the houses is beautiful.

Transportation: Take the ACTV 12 water bus at the Fondamenta Nove water bus stop for about 42 minutes; take the ACTV 12 water bus at the Faro station in Murano for about 33 minutes.

Venice Bridge of Sighs Ponte dei Sospiri

The Bridge of Sighs is behind the Governor's Office. It used to be the bridge that the prisoner passed through the Governor's Office to the back prison. Because the prisoner often repented and sighed after passing the bridge. There is also an interesting legend. A death row prisoner saw the former lover in the other side of the bridge and was intimate with the new love, and could not help but sigh deeply. The Bridge of Sighs has since become a place where lovers can witness love. It is said that lovers can kiss each other for the rest of their lives under the bridge. The film "A Little Romance" is here to capture the scene. Standing on the Bridge of Sighs, you should be able to truly understand that one step ahead is hell, and one step back is heaven.

Address: Piazza San Marco, 1, 30100 Venezia VE, Italy

Gourmet & Shopping & Accommodation

  • ##### Gourmet

In Venice, you can't eat Italian food. Venice also has some of its own characteristics. The biggest feature of Venetian cuisine is the ingenious combination of seafood and land. As the origin of delicious wines, the red and white wines are very famous. When you arrive in Venice, don't miss it.

  • ##### Accommodation

Hotel prices in Venice are generally high, especially at the highest prices in the city centre. St. Mark's Square is the heart of Venice and is close to many attractions. It is very convenient to travel here. Restaurants, souvenir shops, sights and places to go to Gondola are all here, but this is also the highest price in Venice. If you have budgetary considerations, but you want to go deep into Venice and want to live in Venice Island, the Venetian Island near the Venezia Santa Lucia train station is more suitable for budget travellers.

  • ##### Shopping

Lace, glass frit, leather goods, pulp and so on are the special handicrafts of Venice. The famous production site for lace is Burano Island. The production center for glass frits since 1291 is Murano, where unique decorative pieces and precious pearls used in the garment industry have been produced. There is still a leather and pulp processing industry in Venice, mainly for masks and tourist souvenirs for the Carnival. The personalized stationery produced and sold in the craft shop is also very beautiful. The streets of Venice are full of souvenir shops, and the exit from the train station follows the signs of Piazza San Marco. You will find that the dense shops sell souvenirs.

Although Venice is not as good as the big cities such as Milan, Rome and Florence, it can be found in various flagship stores around St. Mark's Square.

Traffic in the city

The tourist boat built for tourists only stops at the famous stop, and the speed is also faster. Only two routes make Venice traffic easy. Cheaper fares, simple rides, and relatively fast are the biggest advantages, but the shortest hours of operation and the intensive shifts are the biggest drawbacks.

The ACTV water bus is the most important means of transportation in the city of Venice. The one-way ticket is very expensive and the water bus PASS is usually purchased using VENEZIA UNICA. The water bus looks like the route is complicated, but each boat has its own dedicated dock, which is better to identify.

Gondola must be tried in Venice. Each boat can make up to 6 people. The general charge is about 80 Euros for 40 minutes during the day and 100 Euros for 40 minutes after 7pm.

Note: This price does not include singing and ordering. If you need these services, you must first ask for the price!

The boat is the only means of transportation in Venice, but there are buses to the various suburbs near the train station.


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