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Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori

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Italian Italo Railway

Italo is a high-speed train operated by Italy's second largest railway company, NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori). The red Ferrari Italo train is elegant and stylish, running at speeds of up to 360 km and connecting all major Italian cities such as Rome, Naples, Florence and Milan. Ferrari Italo trains are elegantly designed, equipped with comfortable equipment and thoughtful service, making people feel full of yearning for the journey. Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the car, with a small, comfortable business lounge and fine dining... this is what you can enjoy on a Ferrari Italo train. The Ferrari Italo train is one of the most advanced trains in the world. Compared to traditional high-speed trains, the Italo high-speed train reduces energy consumption by 30%, greatly improving the sustainability of the environment and ecology.


Ferrari Italo ticket reservations can be made 120 days in advance. Book in advance and enjoy the lowest price. Don't wait for the last minute, because cheap tickets sell the fastest. If you want to travel in the near future, try to choose a non-peak train ticket. Off-peak tickets are cheaper than train tickets for morning, evening and holidays, Friday and Saturday afternoons.

If the train pass you purchased includes Italy, please note that the "Passport holder discount price" does not apply to the Italo train; if you have a Ferrari train ticket to (return to Florence), you can take the train 24 hours before or after the train. Free use of the Florence Ataf transportation network (bus and tram 1). Please note that if the number of children travelling with children exceeds the number of adults, child fares must be paid for additional children.

  • View timetable The train station's lobby is equipped with an electronic timetable showing the trains that will be pitted and departed. The most important thing is to see the train's inbound platform number. There are many such large-scale electronic billboards, and it usually takes 15 minutes before the departure to display the platform.

  • Confirm the train

There will be information such as trains, pick-up stations and stops on the door of the carriage.

  • Check in the car Tickets can be printed or displayed on the mobile phone. The train conductor will definitely check the ticket, so don't have the luck of hiding the ticket. Plus ITALO is almost full of classes, it is unlikely that you will have a seat without a ticket.
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