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Milan Central(Milano Centrale) Building

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Inside Milan Central(Milano Centrale)

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Milan Central(Milano Centrale) How to

Milano Centrale is the main railway station of the Italian city of Milan and one of the main railway stations in Europe. It was built in 1864 in the Dukes of Aosta in the heart of Milan. In 1931, the current station facilities were opened. The station is a terminal station located at the northern end of the city centre of Milan. Milan Centrale is a terminal with 24 stations. The platform and lobby are above the ground, but there is a tunnel connection between all platforms and the lobby, and elevators and escalators can reach the ground. So it is okay to walk into the station with luggage or inconvenience.

It is very simple to change trains at Milan Central Station. You can transfer trains between platforms without going through any ticket gates. Even if you are moving from platform 1 to platform 24, you can change trains in just a few minutes. The Milan Centrale has a luggage storage (deposito bagagli). It is located below the commercial plaza on the same floor as the Trenitalia ticket office (biglietteria).

Milan Central Station has high-speed trains to Bologna, as well as Rome, Turin, and regular railways to Bologna, Turin, Venice, Genoa, La Spezia (Cinque Terre), Domodossola (continued Go to Bern), Chiasso (continue to Zurich) and Lecco, and connect to the city's Milan Metro Central Station. At Milan Central Station, there are about 320,000 passengers per day, and there are 500 trains, which are used by about 120 million passengers every year. However, the Milan suburban railway service does not use Milan Central Station, but uses other train stations along the main line. ``

Milan Central(Milano Centrale) Station Plan

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Centrale, Via Martiri Oscuri, Greco, Milano, Lombardia, 20172, Italia

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Milan Central Live Departures

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Train and bus from Milan Central(Milano Centrale)

Popular train routes departing from Milan Central(Milano Centrale)

Milan Central Live Arrivals

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16:54 -> 17:17
23 mins delay
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Train and bus to Milan Central(Milano Centrale)

Popular train routes arriving in Milan Central(Milano Centrale)

station interior photo
station interior photo

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