Korean Railway(Korail)


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Korean Railway System

The train is one of the best means of transportation when travelling between cities in Korea. South Korea's trains are divided into three grades depending on the speed of train operation and the convenience of the train: the first level is the high-speed railway, including KTX and KTX-Shanchuan trains. The second level is the electric EMU, including ITX Youth, ITX New Village and Nuriro. The third level is the diesel EMU, including the Infinity Flower, Xincun, Diesel Power Commuter Train and sightseeing trains, and the prices are also different. The Gyeongbu Line and the Hunan Line are the main hubs of the Korean Railway. In addition, there are Jeolla Line and Jingquan Line connecting Lishui and Changyuan, and the Jingyi Line, Jingchun Line, Central Line and Donghai Electric Railway connecting the various places. line.

At present, Korea has introduced a KORAIL PASS pass for foreigners who can take KTX and general trains for an unlimited number of times during the specified period. Visitors can enjoy the train tour at a reasonable price.


There are on-site ticketing windows and ticket vending machines at the train station. It is the easiest way to go directly to the train station window. Tickets are sold for sale one month before the date of the ride. Weekends or legal holidays, especially during the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, are the peak period for everyone to travel and return home. It is best to book train tickets in advance this morning. The ticket office at the station usually has the logo of “표 사는 곳 Tickets”. The window staff generally does not speak Chinese. Write the date, time, train number, bus interval, number of votes, etc. in advance, and show it when you buy the ticket.

When the ticket is sold out, you can sometimes buy a station ticket. When there are seats at certain stations on the way, the staff will tell you where to pick up the ticket and where to take the ticket.


Confirm train information

Upon arrival at the station, an electronic screen is displayed in the hall to display information about each train, destination, train name, train number, departure point, departure time, and boarding point. Here you need to confirm the most important corresponding train number and boarding pass.

Check in the car

The Korean train does not check the ticket, and the conductor only checks the head according to the position to check if someone has fled the ticket.

Baggage storage

In general, the Korean train station has a luggage storage box inside the train entrance, which can easily solve your bulky luggage.

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