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Japan's railways are known for their punctuality and high security. The largest railway company in Japan is the JR (Japan Railways) Group. Its railway line is like a spider web covering the entire territory of Japan. There is a fast and comfortable super express train - Shinkansen in the Japanese railway. Shinkansen is usually listed as a means of transportation recommended to foreign travelers. Every ten minutes, it has a class from Tokyo to major cities in the country.

The Shinkansen is divided into multiple routes. In addition to the "Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen" between Tokyo and Hakata, the "Tohoku Shinkansen" between Tokyo and Hachinohe (Aomori Prefecture) and the connection between Tokyo and Niigata Shinkansen, the "Nagano Shinkansen" connecting Tokyo and Nagano, and the Kyushu Shinkansen in Kyushu (currently the new eight-generation (Kumamoto) to Kagoshima Central (Kagoshima)) route. The seats are divided into three types: "free seat", "designated seat" and "green (first class)".


In Japan, the train ticket price is different depending on the distance traveled. When you take a train such as express train or express train, or take a green (first-class train), check-in, and sleepy trains, the trains of different types of seats are required to pay extra. cost. Train tickets for short-haul passengers can be purchased at the ticket vending machines at each station. Train tickets for long-distance passengers are purchased from the service staff at the "green window" inside the station. If you need to reserve a ticket, you need to go to the "green window".

  • Recognize train types

The train types vary from company to company, and usually the platform also displays train information such as destination, train type, ride location, and so on. The type of train is very important, which will affect the time spent on the journey, and whether additional fees are required.

  • Check in the car

Sometimes the Shinkansen ticket is a headache, and the ticket office will send you two or three tickets, sometimes only one. But it's just the same. When you get into the gate, you can put the ticket + express coupon into the gate. The designated ticket is not required to be placed in the gate, and is reserved for use when checking in the ticket. Sometimes, the ticket and the shipping cost are printed on the same ticket, so you only need to insert a ticket to get in and out.

  • get off When you use a ticket with insufficient fare to travel, or change your destination midway, you can make a settlement at the ticket gate of the drop-off station. For the settlement method, there are two types of staff who directly pay the ticket gate or use the automatic settlement machine near the ticket gate. In addition, when riding a car, if there is a car tour in the car, you can apply to the palm of the car and settle on the spot.
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